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29 Things You Should Know about #STELLA
Super skinfood supplement
1. Strengthens hair roots and stops hair loss
2. Removes and eliminates toxins from the body
3. Fights off free radicals
4. Fights off bacteria and virus infections
5. Promotes a good night's sleep
6. Boosts memory
7. Slows down the skin cells' ageing process
8. Protects your skin from sun damages
9. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
10. Boosts the synthesis of collagen
11. Helps promote faster healing of wounds and firm up your skin
12. Boosts energy to cells and reduces a risk of peroxidative destruction of cells by pollution
13. Slows down ageing and helps you get rejuvenated
14. Reduces the risk of vascular plaque buildup, which can cause a coronary artery disease
15. Optimizes the creation of stem cells from bone marrow
16. Nourishes the sensitive skin around the eyes
17. Boosts blood circulation in the eyes' retinal veins
18. Deeply hydrates skin and lessens fine lines and wrinkles
19. Gently exfoliates dead skin cells
20. Boosts the superoxide dismutase (SOD) enzyme activity in slowing down ageing process
21. Clears away fine lines
22. Clears away pimples and dark spots
23. Kills cancer cells
24. Repairs sun damage for visibly improved skin brightness and texture
25. Contains Omaga 3,6,9 carotenoids from rose hip oil
26. Makes your skin strong and with a healthy glow
27. Comes with a skin tone measurement strip
28. Comes in an affordable price tag of only 890 Thai baht
29. Taking five sachets of STELLA is equivalent to taking 30 sachets of general skinfood products